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Website audit / Website Evaluation / Website Analysis – Get your website evaluated secure for a better business. If you want more search traffic, all you have to do is follow the website analysis report. It will point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings. Additionally we provide a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations to help improve. If you’re a Small Business Owner, we can help you improve and promote your website without the high cost of Agencies. Streamline your marketing efforts and increase your website’s online visibility. Track and analyze your website’s data for SEO, social media, usability and more critical factors in one place.

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Audit your website to know about flaws & strength

    Website Audit & Evaluation

    Never let your online presence go wrong!

    Website evaluation is the process in which a website is evaluated for measuring how well does it perform. Many different approaches can be used for site evaluations. It is very difficult for any user to know which website is factual and accurate. Hence, website evaluation is necessary, to bring out the best for readers. Website evaluation is done on various basis, design, content, performance and development. For example, a website might be evaluated to determine if it is an effective business tool.

    Website Checkup


    We help you to get a website analysis (website evaluation / website audit).

    Evaluating website includes examining the website for clarity of information, readability, usefulness, and value of information. A search engine optimization (SEO) evaluation is also performed for find out if a site will perform well in search engines. If the site is poorly designed or is not optimized for search engines, then the site is checked and improved accordingly.

    Website Evaluation includes many parameters of a website, Like, the followings:

    • Design: The design of the website plays a vital role for making the website look appealing. An aesthetic design of a website makes a website more promising, corporate and related to audience. The combination of colours, the font colours and style, the images used everything must synchronize well with the layout and business type.
    • Content: Content is the king, a plagiarism free content makes the website loyal and easy for SEO in ranking. Apart from technical accuracy of the content, a balanced amount of content used in the website is also essential for the website to stand out.
    • Navigation: A website must be responsive to every device. A website which can be easily navigated in different devices attracts more visitors than regular websites. Also, the less number of clicks, the more satisfied customers.
    • Accessibility: A user friendly website gains more trust image than a website which not responding to user accessibility. A website is a piece of solution for a customer’s mind, therefore it must fulfil customers need.
    • Technical Corrections: A check on links, backlinks and clicks is very necessary for a successful website. The scripts must be free from errors. Check on java, Flash or any video script is highly necessary. A technically successful website is a secure website.
    • Security: A secured website gains more trust of customers. Passwords and private details of customers must be protected and must be refrained from online data storage.

    Analysis of your website can give you insight into new graphic and strategic ideas. It can help you tweak components that are hampering your website’s current performance. Such reports can give you insight into your website’s traffic ranking, bounce rates and search percentages. This analysis can also help you create new online marketing strategies.

    There is no doubt, every organization seeks for developing a website before commencing in the market, but only few rank as in the SEO ranking. The reason is, before developing a website the need of business and customers understanding must be evaluated and researched properly, so that while a website is evaluated it passes through and retains from any further evaluation.

    Importance of Website Audit / Website Analysis
    Website Audit & Evaluation

    Your website is one of the most valuable properties your business has, and this is why a website audit is important.

    Conducting a website audit benefits your business because it can aim to increase your online presence and online sales. A website audit can identify problems with your website architecture, and as a result, you can learn where to improve technical site performance.
    A website audit discovers discrepancies that could result in Google penalizing your ranking on Google’s search engine rankings
    If your website needs a current audit, contact us to start the conversation. We would welcome an opportunity to fine-tune your existing website to help it generate visibility and perform optimally.
    Contact us to have a free website evaluation / website audit / website analysis.

    SEO Analysis

    It will point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings

    Site Speed

    Site speed no longer just impacts your conversion rate, but also your rank in search engines.

    Backlink Checker

    A website analysis is never complete without analyzing your backlinks.

    Manual Testing

    Our QA team will do manual testing with your website & will generate User Experience report.

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