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Najm Al Ayaan

About Najm Al Ayaan

Najm Al Ayaan is a technical services provider in the UAE. Najm Al Ayaan core services are rooted in Technical Management, where they sustain peak efficiency in customers’ Technical facilities while maintain safety and comfort for tenants. Najm Al Ayaan can scale to clients’ needs through subcontract management process. Najm Al Ayaan staff is qualified and understands company’s commitment to the clients’ mission and goal. Najm Al Ayaan provide the customer with professional service and the right tools and resources to handle all jobs.

Project Details


Technology :PHP using WordPress CMS

Languages : English

Scope of work : Web Designing, Print/Graphics, Content Writing, CMS

Client Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Clients:
    Najm Al Ayaan
  • Category:
    CMSContent WritingPrint/GraphicsWeb Design
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