Mobile Application Design

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Mobile Application Design

Design Mobile Applications for your business

The real success of mobile application is user experience because it satisfies the human emotions. The mobile app industry is bigger and better than ever. Every business, starting from sports franchises to grocery stores, everyone seeks to design a mobile app.

As the mobile channel develops and the technologies grows, so does the field of Mobile User Experience. Designing mobile application is challenging. A Good UX (user experience) defines successful apps from unsuccessful ones, and lets small start-ups take on big brands by creating compelling apps. So, designers need to account huge variance of capabilities and features of mobile devices. They need to help users achieve goals in mobile context. While speaking about mobile app design it directly related to User Experience, more than performance and scalability. It is in fact an emotional experience, of a user encountered with the application. What makes certain apps successful and sets high demand?

Well, with almost every company (small, mid-size & brand) getting into the app development shell, designing mobile app is a tough game. It requires an eye for perfection and innovation. An app which does not satisfy the user experience is like Jack of all trades but master of none.

Below are some major techniques which can be implemented while designing an application.

  • Method: Not every device is a touch pad device. There are some mobile phones with touch pads, keyboards, and scroll wheels. Therefore, the mobile users should be provided with less, clear and concise navigation features qualifying the device requirements.
  • Function: The tools and features should be concise and must ensure the user’s goal. Providing the features and content optimized with the mobile device and mobile environment. For example, the store locator should show the nearest stores based on nearby environment and device. Support features relevant to device and different business category.
  • Content: For mobile and web are not same. The content in case of mobile user experience should be appropriate, balanced, clear and concise. The real challenge of content lies in the dimension of different mobile devices. Less is more.
  • Design: Visual representation, Interactive design and branding. These are the key elements that appeal the design of mobile user experience. The design which supports the multiple orientation of mobile devices are the most successful app.
  • User Requirement: The less and concise the user input, the better the app. Mobile apps with user forms and user inputs should be less and only focus on the essentials with alternate input process as per the device requirements.
  • Privacy: Winning the confidence of user is very important, not all apps are master. The level of trust and comfort of a user is satisfied with the secure and sustainable app mechanism. Making the complete process easy, clear and strictly concerned to business without much personal data collection.

Apart from these above-mentioned techniques, there are many more features that are avoided while developing app. Like usability, mobile context, file extensions etc. A great mobile app design enhances the relationship between app and user.