Infrastructure Security

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IT Infrastructure Security

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A hassle free and secured website is more trustworthy and loyal for visitors. Websites are unfortunately prone to security risks. And so are any networks to which web servers are connected. Setting aside risks created by employee use or misuse of network resources, your web server and the site it hosts present your most serious sources of security risk.

The website acts as a brand, storefront, and often the first contact with customers. If it is not safe and secure, those critical business relationships can be compromised. The threats can come in many forms. Infecting a website with malware to spread that malware to site visitors, stealing customer information, names and email addresses, credit card and other transaction information, adding the website to a botnet of infected sites, and even hijacking or crashing the site. An unprotected website is a security risk to customers, other businesses, and public or government sites. It allows for the spread and growth of malware, attacks on other websites, and even attacks against national targets and infrastructure. In many of these attacks, hackers will try to harness the combined power of thousands of computers and sites to launch this attack, and the attacks rarely lead directly back to the hackers.

It must be remembered that no industry is resistant. Hacking is not just about stealing data. Hackers want to create watering holes where they can hide malware to spread the malware to any visitors to that site. They also want to enlist those compromised sites in Distributed Denial of Service (DDS) attacks on other sites. Any site can serve that function. When it comes to data theft, financial services, healthcare, and retail seem to be especially popular. Hence the most major decision that industries need to pay in securities:

  • Managing Passwords.
  • Keeping devices malware free.
  • Activate Firewall.
  • Having an anti-virus.
  • Seeking for secured and researched hosting serves as per business needs.
  • Scheduling regular scanning.

Attackers tend to work together to increase the bottom line. Selecting a target is a business transaction. They want maximum gain with as little investment as possible. Automated attacks do not target specific individuals. Rather, they target the masses, using general selection criteria.

There are two roads to accomplish excellent security:

  • Assigning the resources needed to maintain constant alert to new security issues.
  • Using web scanning solution to test applications and website code.