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How big is your e-commerce plan?

E-commerce, the word for online dominance. Without ignoring the fact on right choice of technology, e-retailers are also racing with a competitive edge for a Brand identity. In this competitive edge of Technology and Branding, the winners in the e-commerce ground are going to be those e-stores that make it easy for customers to attract and buy.

Ideally to become a successful e-commerce website, it should capture the users’ assurance without troubling the business. Be it B2B or B2C market, e-commerce is bombarded in various social platforms through ads and newsletters just to seize its potential customers.

But why would any customer buy a product/service from a website? Apart from a Brand name, what are the factors which motivates the customers to choose from a specific site and not others?

  • Store Experience: A good store experience provides an e-commerce site big advantage over its competitors. It’s common knowledge that performance and scalability of any e-commerce site can either make a successful business or can break down the business in no time. Platforms such as Magento, Concrete 5, Joomla and AspDotNetStoreFront (few major ecommerce software) in this regard, can provide the necessary support with their available powerful, flexible, and feature rich solution.
  • Customer Retention: The success of a business lies in customer retention. A customer not only purchases from a website but he/she also spreads the brand image. To maintain a loyal customer retention, it is also necessary to choose the right technology/software for specific ecommerce business. For example, it should give the options to setup a security wise excellent website by implementing transaction encryption with SSL and uses cookies and database password encryption. A Web Agency with good track record can certainly guide in this respect.
  • Responsive commerce: Advancement of smartphone technology like Android, I Phone, Windows and mobile internet has made life easy for the end user and for the service provider. Any online business today needs to be accessible via various devices. Mobile, Desktop just spell out the name! Therefore, right choice of software is highly valuable for an absolute e-store.
  • Adaptive Scrolling: Preference to adaptive scrolling while developing any ecommerce is useful. Less tabs and scrolling helps in getting to the point information about your product. It helps save users time and creates a clean look, becomes readable and takes less time to load.
  • Limited clicks: Keep the web store clicks less yet needed. Starting from the product selection till the checkout process if the clicks are around 3 to 4 times then chances are the visitors won’t bounce back in the mid-way. After every click, direct the visitor to the respective page. Minimize too much of coding and security access or redirecting to another tab. The less clicks, the more will be the visitors/buyers.

Ecommerce can be a very rewarding venture, but not overnight. It is important to do a lot of research starting from planning on marketing strategy till selecting accurate e-store software/technology and evaluating visitors. It should be a long-term journey of e-business.