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In terms of technology, the word ‘Domain’ is defined as-a group of computers and devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and procedures. Within the Internet, domains are defined by the IP address. All devices sharing a common part of the IP address are said to be in the same domain. In much simpler description, domain names are organized right to left, with general descriptors to the right, and specific descriptors to the left. It is like family surnames to the right, specific person names to the left. These descriptors are called ‘domains’.

A domain name is like selecting a brand or company name. A domain is not a url. Where url stands as the address or link of the company, domain servers as the registered name of the company addressed in the link or url. A domain name is the identity on the web. So, a company must make sure to choose a domain name that not only fits to the business, but is also easy to find and promote. Therefore, there must be certain steps to followed while selecting a domain name.

  • Easy is more easily accessible: A simple and easy domain name is easier to find and easily accessible for visitors to visit.
  • Short and subtle: A short domain name is easy for visitors to type without making any spelling mistake.
  • Usage of keywords: Keywords used in domain mane helps define the business in a better manner. For example, if company name is xyz then is much more authentic.
  • Target the area: .com, .in are domains that defines if the business is local or global.
  • No to special characters: A domain with special characters is a big failure for a company. A domain name must only consist of name without any space, hyphens, numbers or any special characters.
  • Be unique: A better and remembered domain name attracts more visitors than just a domain name. Therefore, domain name but be selected with extensive research.
  • Select the brand name appropriately: The domain name is no less than a brand name, therefore there are many online domain providers, which help in providing a better domain name, thus selecting the name must be researched well.

Choosing a domain name requires creativity, planning, and following the steps. Once it is created the online brand name is ready.