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Design Web Applications Based on Business Strategy

A Web application releases the developer of the responsibility of building a client for a specific type of computer or a specific operating system. Since the client runs in a Web browser, the user could be using an IBM-compatible or a Mac. They can be running Windows XP or Windows Vista. They can even be using Internet Explorer or Firefox, though some applications require a specific Web browser.

Web applications commonly use a combination of server-side script (ASP, PHP, etc) and client-side script (HTML, Javascript, etc.) to develop the application. The client-side script deals with the presentation of the information while the server-side script deals with all the hard stuff like storing and retrieving the information.

A custom web application might be required for several reasons, mostly because it can provide a tailor-made solution that can satisfy all the business requirements of an company/organization. It allows to choose technology, be device independent and cater to all stakeholders, unlike an off-the-shelf application.

Custom web applications are meant to be used on mobile devices, tablets and computers, this can often mean that the overall flow of information improves. Custom web apps build for a purpose can be deployed in house or on the cloud, this is often a critical aspect of security that many companies desire. Every development agency motives in planning, creating and maintaining web software applications/solutions. Custom data applications can include business processes automation, customer relationship management system, custom ecommerce software and one of a kind application build for a specific purpose. Every custom application is expected to integrate with other software to avoid double entry and make the process efficient.

A customized web application for any company web site, helps in efficient interaction with employees, customers, and vendors. It is highly essential that a custom web app must be:

  • Responsive.
  • Adaptive to Browser and Device.
  • Easy Loading and Less Time Consuming.
  • Customized as per client rquirement.

The major and commonly used technologies are PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, RUBY ON RAILS etc. Choice of appropriate technology must be selected as per the business needs and costing. The advantage of using a custom web solution is:

  • Get actionable Insights: Use custom reports to sift through enormous amounts of raw data and make meaningful decisions.
  • Secure access controls: Grant access to application on a need-to-know basis and protect vital business data.
  • It provides Easy data integration across platforms.
  • Stay connected on mobile apps.