Orckestra Composite C1 Content Management System

Best Web Designinig Company in Dubai Delivers Orckestra Composite C1


Orckestra Composite C1 - The best tool for marketeers!

Best Web Design Company in Dubai now develop Websites in Orckestra composite C1 Cms!

C1 CMS is one of the top-rated open source CMS worldwide built on the Microsoft stack. It is a powerful CMS that won't let you down and won't get in your way. Beside a global community, C1 CMS is backed by a core of passionate digitals located in our offices in Montreal (Canada) & Copenhagen (Denmark).

  • Browse your site and edit instantly

Easy browsing and instant editing makes it possible to edit your website without IT involvement. And with the integrated style selector it's easy to follow company design lines when you add new content to your website.

  • Stand out with social media and SEO

The social media add-ons for C1 CMS helps you take the leap into conversational marketing with blogging, Facebook and Twitter integration. And the integrated SEO assistant makes sure that your website gets special attention from the search engines.

  • Multi publishing in different languages

With C1 CMS it's easy to publish and reuse content across multiple platforms such as iPad and Windows 8 Apps. The editor also supports multilingual publishing for those who maintain an international website.

  • Build for mobile, tablets and desktop

Create a responsive website that works across devices. All of our starter sites and add-ons are based upon web standards that make it easy to create a responsive design.

  • For novices and experts alike

You don't need a .NET guru to build a solution in C1 CMS. You can create rich and professional websites simply by installing add-ons and customizing HTML and CSS. If you are a guru C1 CMS offers you absolute control and an unparalleled arsenal of tools to build and design custom solutions.

  • Acceptance

Composite C1 is widely using around 150 countries and is endorsed by Microsoft.